Real Madrid Salary and Budget Cuts in 2021

Salary & budget cuts at Real Madrid

Austerity measures at Real Madrid in order to ensure a good running of activities in the new season . Two major decisions made by the Galactics’ Staff in 2021.

Real Madrid players will have their salaries reduced by 10%, amid the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus.

The coronavirus pandemic has seriously affected Real Madrid’s budget. From 900 million euros, as initially estimated, taking into account ticket sales, the raised amount was of only 618 million euros. Florentino Perez has to yet again take actions on the go and will keep the salary reduction from the previous season, of 10%. The players of the first team, those from Castilla and the people from the administration will be affected.

No transfers in winter

Real’s bosses have reached a consensus, say Marca. During the winter transfer period, they will not spend any euro on transfers. They consider it illogical to reduce salaries if the money is consumed anyway. The main target of Madrid is David Alaba. Negotiations with Bayern Munich defender are unaffected. It will become free of contract in the summer of 2021.