Premier League 2021 Lockdown

Lockdown in England. What will happen to the Premier League

According to the document uploaded on the government website, professional football in England will not stop, although the practice of amateur team sports is prohibited during this period.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, the UK is entering a new lockdown, the Daily Mail reports. However, football will not be stopped, as it was last spring.

The website describes very clearly the 18 reasons why people can still meet, until at least February, in groups.

The penultimate point talks about elite “sportpeople”, elite athletes, who can meet in competitions or to train. Along with them meet coaches, staff and tutors if athletes are minors can join.

Basically, the Premier League and other elite competitions in the UK will continue.

This weekend, FA Cup matches are scheduled in England, with a short break in the English Premier League program.

Among the measures taken are the closure of schools, gyms, a ban on amateur group sports and, in general, the avoidance of leaving homes apart from essential reasons. The fine for breaking the rules is £ 200, which then doubles.