Lionel Messi threatens to leave club unless Barcelona's president steps down

Lionel Messi threatens to leave club unless Barcelona’s president steps down

Most recent quarrel of Lionel Messi with Barcelona’s brandishing chief and previous colleague, Eric Abidal, has touched off an emergency at the Nou Camp with numerous reports recommending the Argentine’s takeoff in the mid year.

Abidal in an ongoing meeting censured the demeanors of a few Barcelona players under previous mentor Ernesto Valverde, he, be that as it may, didn’t make reference to any names. He proceeded to state that as a previous player, he saw certain practices and educated the club about his supposition on the issue.

“Numerous players were not fulfilled or didn’t try sincerely and there was likewise an interior correspondence issue, the connection among supervisor and changing area has consistently been acceptable, however there are things that I can smell as a previous player. I mentioned to the club what I thought and needed to settle on a choice.” The French global revealed to Diario Sport,

Lionel Messi, plainly discontent with Abidal’s remarks took it to Instagram to request names structure the previous partner,

“I contemplate players, we should give names in light of the fact that else, we are getting everybody filthy and bolstering things that are said and are not valid.”

The Argentine told the worldwide crowd that Abidal’s remarks about anonymous players hurt the entire squad spirit and producing popular feelings on the issue that don’t exist. He likewise expressed that the more significant position authority at the club should likewise take duties regarding their activities,

“Those liable for the zone of sports the board must accept their obligations or more all assume responsibility for the choices they make.”

This has started numerous reports proposing a late spring flight for the Barca commander is presently begging to be proven wrong. There is a current provision in the 33-year-old’s ebb and flow contract that permits him to leave toward the finish of this season for nothing.

El Chiringuito now reports that Messi has given the club his last decision, compromising a takeoff except if Barca President Josep Maria Bartomeu leaves.

The club and nation chief is discontent with Bartomeu and his powerlessness to land either an assaulting support or Xavi Hernandez as the new mentor in January. It is not yet clear who has the more prominent force at Camp Nou.