Lionel Messi Contract Leaked

The reporters from the spanish sports-related newspaper El Mundo allegedly got their hands on the details of Lionel Messi’s contract with Barcelona. And decided to make it public, for whatever reasons they can come up with.

So, between us, how much do you think Messi is making per year from Barcelona ? 20 Mil., 30 Mil. , 50 Mil. ?

Up to this point, major specialty outlets estimated Messi’s contract at about $80 Million per year + an additional 40 Mil. from endorsements. They were not even close.

Let’s take other famous players from the USA, mainly because in USA contracts are made public.

  • LeBron James – $40 Mil. / year
  • Tom Brady – $25 Mil. / year
  • Patrick Mahomes – $45 Mil. / year
  • Mike Trout – $35 Mil. / year

Lionel makes more than all of them COMBINED !

$674 Million


That’s the amount in Messi’s contract with Barcelona. From 2017 to June 30, 2021. Taking that into consideration, he has an annual contract of $168 Mil. That’s more than $300 for every minute. Just the salary.

Interesting fact is that Barcelona has around $1.36 billion in debt, 74% of which from the salaries the pay to the players.