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Champions League in the COVID-19 Global Crisis

What will happen with the Champions League Season?

Here are 4 possible options .


UEFA has not set a deadline for the Champions League season, suspended due to the coronavirus outbreak, but the have 4 viable solutions, even playing what remained in one leg.

There is no deadline in sight for the European competitions  suspended due to the pandemic. In the worst case scenario, with the prolonged crisis until autumn, the season may be abandoned!

UEFA came with details after the statements in the interview given to the ZDF by President Aleksander Čeferin were misinterpreted:

The priority is to protect public health, then find solutions to close all competitions in July and August with the agreement of the national authorities.


4 options available


1. The Champions League ends in the current format

17 games to play, all without spectators, over a 50 days period. First of all the second legs of Juventus – Lyon, Barcelona – Naples, Man. City – Real and Bayern – Chelsea will be played, and the rest will take place in the normal round-trip system.


2. Final Eight

The least plausible option, because it is difficult to assemble eight teams in one city. With matches in one leg played on neutral ground, after the second legs of Juventus – Lyon, Barcelona – Naples, Man. City – Real and Bayern – Chelsea will be played.


3. Final Four

The light version, but also the most accessible. With the tournament starting with the semifinals, following a model from other sports. There would be only 11 matches in three weeks, in a place chosen by UEFA.


4. Matches in one round

11 matches played in one month. With “quarters” and semifinals in a single match before the final.


The Champions League last results:

Borussia Dortmund – PSG 2-3 (2-1, 0-2);
Atalanta – Valencia 8-4 (4-1, 4-3);
Atletico Madrid – Liverpool 4-2 (1-0, 3-2 preliminary round);
Tottenham – RB Leipzig 0-4 (0-1, 0-3);
Real Madrid – Manchester City 1-2;
Chelsea – Bayern Munich 0-3;
Lyon – Juventus 1-0;
Naples – Barcelona 1-1.